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Pasadena Presbyterian Toastmasters Club, successfully meet online on Zoom on 10/17/2021

Club Central Resources

Club Central is your official online hub for conducting online business with Toastmasters International.


Features of Club Central include:

  • New, dual, and reinstated membership application submissions

  • Membership dues and fee payments

  • Education award submissions

  • Updates to club information (meeting location, time, email address)

  • Club financial information from the last two years

  • Administrative and historical club reports

Club Central: How to use Club Central

Courtesy of LexisNexis Toastmasters Club

Club Central: How to transfer/add/reinstate member in Club Central

Courtesy of Taregh Jasemian

Club Central: How to assign your Club Proxy

Courtesy of District 6

Club Central: How to submit Club Officers

Courtesy of District 6

Club Central: How to approve and submit Awards in Club Central

Courtesy of District 4

Getting Comfortable with Club Central

Courtesy of Mike Raffety, DTM, PID &

Debbie Hardy, DTM

Distinguished Club Program & Club Success Plan

The Distinguished Club Program (or DCP) was established by Toastmasters International as a general measure of club success on an annual basis from July 1 to June 30.

Each year the Distinguished Club Program recognizes Club achievements in the following categories, also known as goals:

  • Educational awards

  • Membership growth

  • Club leadership

  • Club communication | administration

- Clubs which achieve 5 to 6 goals with a net growth of + 5 (or minimum of 20 members) will achieve Distinguished.

- Clubs which achieve 7 to 8 goals with a net growth of + 5 (or minimum of 20 members) will achieve Select Distinguished.

- Clubs which achieve 9 to 10 goals with a net growth of + 5 (or minimum of 20 members) will achieve President's Distinguished.

Distinguished Club Program and

Club Success Plan 2021-22

Tutorial: How to make a successful club plan

Courtesy of: District 108

Tutorial: How to make a Club Success Plan

Courtesy of: District 20

Tutorial: The DCP, What You Need to Know

Courtesy of: Ninfa Flewitt, DTM, District 25 PQD

Guest Packets for District 100 Toastmasters Clubs

Send your guests home "virtually" or in person with a guest packet. Remember our guests want to walk away with something tangible from their first experience in a Toastmasters meeting. Here are some great resources to include in your virtual or in person guest packet today!

Toastmasters International: Find Your Voice

Toastmasters International: All About Toastmasters

Toastmasters International: Navigating Pathways

Toastmasters International: Page on Club Meeting Roles

Toastmasters International: Your Path to Leadership

Toastmasters International: The Benefits of Toastmasters

Toastmasters International: Member Application Form 800

Toastmasters International: Features, Values & Benefits

Ways to grow your Toastmasters Club


Are you looking for opportunities to grow your Toastmasters Club? Here you can find some resources to assist in the growth of your Toastmasters Club today!

Toastmasters Magazine May 2019

Build the Club You Want

Courtesy of: Ryan Urie

Toastmasters Magazine February 2018

Spread the Word: Grow Your Club

Courtesy of: Maureen Zappala, DTM

Toastmasters Magazine October 2016

A Road Map for Club Growth

Courtesy of: Jay Sunderland, ACB, ALB

Toastmasters International

Membership Growth Module


Public Relations: Places to Advertise

100's Membership Building Ideas

Courtesy of District 28 & Scott Hoehn, DTM

Follow Up With Guests

Tutorial: Marketing Your Club with Eventbrite

Courtesy of: District 32

Tutorial: How to grow your Toastmasters Club during COVID-19

Courtesy of: Roger Fung

Tutorial: Toastmasters Club Growth Tips

Courtesy of: Stephen Box

Tutorial: Top 6 Reasons to Join Toastmasters

Courtesy of: Jamie Sok

Gary Schmidt's 20 Helpful Tips!

Toastmasters International: Moments of Truth


Originally part of the Successful Club Series, Moments of Truth outlines how to create a positive first impression of your club, and recognize and deal with situations critical to club success.

The Successful Club Series: Moments of Truth Manual

Moments of Truth Handout

Moments of Truth PowerPoint Slides

Moments of Truth Chart

District 100 Operations Manual

The official, one and only guide for the Operations of District 100!!!! Everything you need to know about Operations and Procedures of District 100!!!

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