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District 100 Public Relations

What is Public Relations?


Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

Public Relations Goals in Toastmasters


The District 100 Public Relations Manager [PRM] promotes positive awareness by establishing and maintaining lines of communication between the District and the members.

Increasing public awareness of Toastmasters through effective publicity including managing District social media channels is a key priority.

Responsibility for proactive local news media, developing press relations, pitches and interviews is also part of promoting the district’s communication and leadership development message for inclusion in favorable brand coverage – in consultation with the District Director, serve as media representative for the district.

As guardian of the District’s image and reputation, the PRM’s focus is also to:

  1. Promote District conferences, leadership training opportunities within the District and District events.

  2. Prepare and develop a Public Relations Communications Plan and Program designed to achieve public and media relations goals.

  3. Train club Vice Presidents of Public Relations (VPPR's)

  4. Produce creative videos, multimedia and pictures to develop informative publicity.

District 100 Social Media



In today’s world there are so many options of free advertising for your club. Social media can be utilized to not only reach out to the community but also, can be used to interact with your current members and even to gain potential new members. Start with one that you are feeling most comfortable with and expand to more with help of fellow officers or enthusiastic members of your club. Here is a list of the platforms that District 100 uses for its social media and keeping members up-to-date with:

District 100 Facebook Page

This is our public interface for District 100 for external communications with the general public. This enables us to communicate externally, build a presence and receive notifications.

District 100 LinkedIn

This is our LinkedIn Page, and one of our newest Social Media platforms. We are using this to attract a new audience of professionals, LinkedIn is a popular Social Media platform for professionals looking for right jobs, networking, internships and opportunities to grow within their professional careers.

District 100 Facebook Group

This is our private interface for District 100 members only. It is used for internal communications with our members. This enables us to communicate and keep members up to date directly on social media.

District 100 Instagram

This is our Instagram Page. The purpose of Instagram is to share visual content such as photos and videos. We use this for internal and external communications.

District 100 MeetUp



District 100 Tumblr

This is our Tumblr Page, and one of our newest Social Media platforms. We are using this to attract a new audience through images and gifs. Watch as we continue to update this new Social Media platform.

Social Media Video Tutorials

Tutorial: Toastmasters Facebook Groups

Courtesy of: District 53

Tutorial: Instagram for Toastmasters Clubs

Courtesy of: District 20

Tutorial: How to create a Tumblr Page

Courtesy of: David Utke

Tutorial: Toastmasters Facebook Pages

Courtesy of: District 53

Tutorial: Market Your Club with LinkedIn

Courtesy of: District 61

Tutorial: How to Manage the District MeetUp Page

Courtesy of: District 115

Website Templates

Toastmasters International provides FreeToastHost and WordPress templates for clubs.


Setting up a website for your club is a great way to communicate with prospects and members.


It can be used to share exciting news, upcoming events, conference details, and more.


When setting up your website, be sure to follow the Brand Manual and incorporate the logo, stock photography, graphic elements, color palette, and typography.

District 100 endorses the use of the website templates as recommended by Toastmasters International.

FreeToastHost Website Template

If your club needs a website, we recommend the use of FreeToastHost, a webhost that's exclusive to Toastmasters clubs.

Each website includes access to easy-to-use, web-based software for any Toastmasters club. If your club is listed on, there is no cost for this service.


Simply fill out the FreeToastHost request form. You may use the corresponding website template as a guide for your design.

Request a Toastmasters Club by clicking on the picture

FreeToastHost Video Tutorials

Tutorial: Setup a Club website with FreeToastHost

Courtesy of: District 20

Tutorial: Your FreeToastHost3 Website

Courtesy of: District 53

Tutorial: Adding a new member

Courtesy of: Shahan Aaron

Tutorial: How to sign up for a role

Courtesy of: Shahan Aaron

Tutorial: Getting started on FreeToastHost

Courtesy of: District 31

Tutorial: How to add a new Agenda

Courtesy of: Shahan Aaron

Tutorial: Login as a new member

Courtesy of: Shahan Aaron

Tutorial: Multiple tutorials

Courtesy of: District 31

Free WordPress Templates makes it easy to customize any of their templates. There are a lot of templates to choose from, however we recommended the following free templates:

WordPress Video Tutorials

Tutorial: How to make a WordPress Website

Courtesy of: Tyler Moore

Tutorial: WordPress and Twenty Fifteen Template

Courtesy of: Better Video Tutorials

Disclaimer for all Toastmasters club websites


A disclaimer must be included on all Toastmasters websites as follows: “The information on this website is for the sole use of Toastmasters’ members for Toastmasters business only. It is not to be used for solicitation and distribution of non-Toastmasters material or information.” For more information, please refer to Toastmasters’ Policy and Protocol, page 159.

Let the World Know: Publicity & Promotion

This manual offers practical ideas and advice for reaching large numbers of people with information about your club and the benefits it offers them.

Toastmaster Magazine

The official monthly Toastmasters Magazine. Produced monthly, the Toastmaster Magazine is your one-stop news from Toastmasters International and members globally! Great reading!

News Release Templates

Additional Resources

Media Center

The official Toastmasters International Media Center.


Links to latest news, media resources and company information 

Click on the button to go directly to the Media Center.

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