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Welcome to Pathways

Welcome to the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience, an exciting, flexible and interactive way to develop your skills and help others in your club develop theirs. Pathways helps you learn communication and leadership skills that you need to succeed. It gives you:

  • The opportunity to build  up to 300 unique competencies

  • 11 specialized learning paths to choose from

  • Online content, so that you can learn anytime, anywhere

  • Real-world, transferable skills

  • Content available in Arabic, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese, with select paths available in Korean and Tamil.

Paths & Projects

The Pathways Learning Program includes 11 Paths to choose from. Click on the 11 icons below to discover more about what each individual Path can offer you today:

Dynamic Leadership
Innovative Planning
Persuasive Influence
Team Collaboration
Effective Coaching
Leadership Development
Presentation Mastery
Engaging Humor
Motivational Strategies
Strategic Relationships
Visionary Communication

Watch and learn more about Pathways

The Member Experience, with Tutorials

What is Pathways? An overview of Pathways.

Why Was Pathways Created? The WHY!

Pathways Tutorial - How to Choose a Path.

Pathways Tutorial - How to Navigate Pathways.

Pathways Tutorial - How to complete a Pathways Project.

Pathways Tutorial - How to print certificate after Level completed.

Let's log in to Base Camp to begin our Journey!

Path Selection Made Easy!

Pathways Tutorial - Choosing Your Path.

Pathways Tutorial - How to Login.

Pathways Tutorial - How to mark your Project complete.

Pathways Tutorial - Overall Learning Experience.

Base Camp Manager, with Tutorials

Pathways Tutorial - Base Camp Manager in 15 Minutes.

Pathways Tutorial - How to access Tutorials for Base Camp Manager.

Pathways Tutorial - How to track member's progress.

Pathways Tutorial - Base Camp Manager and Printed Paths.

Pathways Tutorial - Introduction to Base Camp Manager Role.

Pathways Tutorial - How to approve member's Level Completion.

Pathways Tutorial - Approving member's Level Completion in Base Camp Manager & Submitting Award/s in Club Central.

Pathways Tutorial - Base Camp Manager printing Certificates.

Pathways Resources

Additional resources for your Club for Pathways. Click on each of the tiles to learn more about Pathways today!

Pathways FAQ


Have you got a Question about Pathways?

Toastmasters International has all your questions answered on the Pathways Educational system right here.

Find out about anything and everything you need to know about Pathways at the Toastmasters International Website.

The Navigator


The Navigator is your guide to Toastmasters and the Pathways learning experience.


Use it to learn about how a club works, key club officers and roles, the importance of evaluations and opportunities you have to grow your communication and leadership skills. 

Accessible Material


Pathways is open for all members.

Click on this link to learn more about accessible materials for your club and members.

Pathways in Many Languages


Pathways educational materials are available in multiple languages.

Click on this link to find out what other languages you can deliver your speeches in!

Achievements & Awards


In Pathways, members are recognized for each and every achievement, as well as milestone that members and clubs reach,

Click on this link to find out about the badges, certificates, employer letters or email that members receive from Toastmasters International.

Plus plenty more!

Paths & Core Competencies


Learn about the five core competencies in Pathways!

A PDF guide for each of the eleven Paths.

Pathways Base Camp Manager Duties


Are you the current President, Vice President Education or Secretary of your Club?

A PDF how-to guide for your role as the Base Camp Manager.

Pathways Educational Matrix


A special matrix to chart your learning progress in Pathways.

Vice President's Education may wish to consider providing this document to all club members to help with tracking progress for the Distinguished Club Program (DCP).

This PDF is provided by District 26, Keith Horowitz.

Pathways Project Tracking


An excel spreadsheet to track all projects and paths in Pathways.

Vice President's Education may wish to consider providing this document to all club members to help with tracking progress for the Distinguished Club Program (DCP).

This Excel Spreadsheet is provided by District 52.

Pathways Evaluation Forms


All Pathways Evaluations Forms courtesy of the Toastmasters International Website.

Pathways - Ice Breaker Speech

Congratulations on taking your first step in your journey to success! Here are some resources that will will assist you with your first project!

Pathways - Great Icebreaker Speeches

The Icebreaker - Getting Started