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Grow Membership with an Open House

Why are members so important to a club?

Members are the building blocks of any Toastmasters club. Maximizing participation in the club not only adds energy to the club but also empowers more individuals to become effective communicators and leaders.

Have you been thinking of growing your club?

Holding an Open House is one of several ways to promote your club and Toastmasters. An Open House helps the club grow by getting new members, which in turn brings fresh new viewpoints, potential leaders ready to work for club growth, and enough members to enable effective and productive meetings. 

How can your club hold a successful Open House Event?

Planning and execution are the keys to success. In order to help your club successfully plan a Open House event, District 100 has assembled resources that a club can take advantage of to plan and organize an Open House event within about a month (or less!)

Open House Resources

Open House PowerPoint

Open House Flyer

Virtual Open House Checklist

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