District 100 Virtual Learning Lab
Next Lab is: Sunday, December 5th 2021

Are you...
  • thinking about joining a Toastmasters Club?
  • a new member of a Toastmasters Club?
  • an experienced Toastmaster whose ready to grow?
Learning Lab is the solution for YOU!
Join us at an upcoming Learning Lab to discover all the amazing benefits that comes with being a part of Toastmasters.   
Learning Labs are...
  • Held the 1st Sunday of every month 
  • Comprised of three sessions at 1 hour each
  • Provided for free to existing members and the general public

Member Experience

Club Experience

Leader Experience

10:00 AM

11:00 AM

11:00 AM
12:00 PM

Connect Your Message with Your Audience

Expanding Your Pathways Journey

How to Run a
Club Speech Contest

Brand You!

Completing Your
Club Success Plan

How to be a
Super Club Sponsor

Member Experience

Connect Your Message with Your Audience


Sharing  knowledge and moving an audience to share your viewpoint is a goal for every speaker. To do this, the speaker must send their message in such a way that it is easy for the audience to receive and understand it.  The speaker must know who the audience is and fine tune how the message is presented to the audience to succeed in connecting your message with your audience.


  • To understand the why it is important to know your audience

  • To understand the diversity within a group of individuals listening to a speaker

  • To understand the factors that help keep the audience’s attention

  • To share individual experiences with an audience.

Expanding Your

Pathways Journey

Pathways is our learning experience program.  This is an exciting, flexible, and interactive way to develop your leadership and communication skills.  Having a problem,  need some assistance, need some encouragement, this session is designed  for YOU!  Let us help you move forward.  Come!  Learn!


  • Get the most out of your projects

  • Moving from project to project or between levels

  • Help members with questions, concerns, or issues to move forward

  • Provide information and resources to understand Pathways and move forward

  • Be aware of the real-world transferable skills gained through Pathways

Club Experience

How to Run a Club Contest

It’s Toastmasters International Speech contest season!  Do you know what it takes to plan and run a successful club contest?  Do you know the rules and qualifications that speakers and judges must adhere to?  If not, come join us at our workshop to learn all the ins and outs of hosting a club contest along with best practices.  Afterall, your club could have the next World Champion of Public Speaking!


  • Learn how to host a club speech contest

  • Familiarize yourself with the contest roles and qualifications

  • Learn about best practices

  • Create a plan for your club contest

Brand You!

Do you want to learn more about the Toastmasters Brand and how to apply it to your Public Relations plan for your Club? This workshop which will help you in leveraging the best out of the Toastmasters International Brand.


  • Understanding the Brand Manual from A to Z

  • The Do’s and Don’ts with the Toastmasters International Brand

  • How to use Brand Manual effectively and comply to your Club PR activities

  • Learn how to create basic flyers using the branding

Leader Experience

Completing Your Club Success Plan

Every Toastmasters club needs a plan.  Toastmasters International has designed a plan for clubs to use.  A quality club environment is the single most crucial factor in a healthy club.  The Distinguished Club program monitors and measures a club’s achievements.  The Club Success Plan is the first step towards delivering club excellence.  It is the road map to club success, meeting members’ needs, and sustaining success.  The Success Plan can be overwhelming to some of the executive team.  Guess what? It does not have to be overwhelming!  This session is designed to help clubs work through the plan and develop a strong road map for the club to follow.


  • The importance of having a Club Success Plan

  • Understanding the components of the Club Success Plan

  • Methods for creating a Club Success Plan

  • Developing best practices

  • How to monitor and review the Club Success Plan

How to be a super new Mentor/Sponsor

You want to try your hand in leading?  You need to serve as a Club Sponsor for credit towards a DTM award?  You want to experience helping others?  You want to give back what you have gained?  This session is designed for these purposes.  This session is for you.   We need super club sponsors for our New Clubs.  This is a fun time to throw your hat in the ring and try. This is a fun way of developing leadership skills.



  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of a club sponsor

  • Determine the opportunities that are available

  • Possibly be assigned to a club

  • Receive credit for serving as a club sponsor