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District 100 Hall of Fame 2020-21

Official Awards

Sam Luk, DTM
2020-21 District 100 Toastmaster of the Year
Hovey Yu
2020-21 District 100 Division Director of the Year
Prasanna Reddy
2020-21 District 100 Area Director of the Year
Julie Broady, DTM, PDD
2020-21 District 100 Celly Adamo Award
Marjorie Benesh, DTM
2020-21 District 100 Richard Snyder Lifetime Achievement Award
Speakers Bureau Co-Chairs
Michael Osur, DTM, PID & Mark Lucas, DTM, PDD
"The Dynamic Duo" aka Batman & Robin!
Hovey Yu
2020-21 Alfred Herzing Club Growth Award
District 100 Helicopter Award, President's Distinguished
* Hovey Yu                            * Darren Ng
* Ron Swaby                         * Curtis Johnson

Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Awards

Distinguished Toastmasters for 2020-21 (left to right)

* Sam Luk, DTM - Monterey Park Club

* Darren Ng, DTM - Caltech Debate

* Karen Lucas, DTM - Caltech Toastmasters 

District 100 Teams for 2020-21

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