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Division Director Toolbox

The role of the Division Director


As Division Director, your job is to lead and support the Division through the supervision and support of the Area Directors. One of your primary goals as Division Director is to ensure that each club achieves its mission and fulfills its responsibilities to its members. To achieve this, you coordinate Division activities, set Division goals, and assist in the training of Area and club leaders. To serve as Division Director, you must have served at least six consecutive months as a member of a District Council. The Division Director may be re-elected to one succeeding term.

Tutorial: Division Director - Role & Responsibilities

Courtesy of District 59

Tutorial: Toastmasters Roles - Division Director

Courtesy of Naji Yazdi

Division Director Resources

How to Build a Toastmasters Club

Includes information for chartering both community and corporate clubs.

Division Success Plan

The Division Success Plan helps evaluate current situations, establish specific goals and develop strategies that can be used to achieve success.

Club Leadership Handbook 

An easy-to-use guide with chapters detailing governance, leadership roles.

District Leadership Handbook

An easy-to-use guide with chapters detailing District government and structure, leadership roles.

District Recognition Program

Learn about the District Recognition program and its renewed focus on club quality and member satisfaction.

District Club Program

& Club Success Plan

A manual which explains the Distinguished Club Program, provides guidelines for club success, and the "how-to" in becoming a Distinguished Club.

2021-22 Contest Rulebook

The Speech Contest Rulebook, in effect from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022, features speech contest rules for the International, Evaluation, Humorous, Table Topics, Tall Tales, and Video Speech Contests.

Quick Guide to the

Dashboard Layout

Training Club Leaders

Guide for planning and presenting club officer training.

Club Status Guide

A guide to determine how a club's status affects different features and areas of the Toastmasters program.

Area Director Club Visit Report

The Area Director Club Visit Report guides Area Director's in evaluating club quality during their visits by assessing the club at each of the Moments of Truth.

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