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Welcome to D100 Affinity 2023
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Affinity 2023.png

Let's connect and get together by visiting our D100 clubs!  Make new friends, share ideas, lend a hand, and bring a guest along!

By participating in the District 100 Affinity Incentive, you can earn points for prizes just by showing up and supporting your fellow 


1 point for each of the following:

  1. Visit a club that you are not a member of.

  2. Participate in any assigned meeting role (Table Topics participant does not count) during your visit.

  3. Bring a guest to come with you.  The guest can be a D100 member and they can get credit too!

  4. If your guest is not a current Toastmaster.

2 points for each of the following:

  1.  Join the visited club as a member.

  2. Your guest joins the visited club as a member.


Affinity – Scoreboard

  • Leaderboard displayed on District 100's website.

  • Member accumulated points refreshed weekly


  • 4 points - Affinity Four:

    • Affinity Zoom background

  • 10 points - Affinity X

    • Toastmaster Pen

  • 20 points - Affinity Connected 

    • Toastmaster Pin

  • 40 points - Affinity Star:  Be in the running for a prize:

    •   Circular LED light

    •   Web Camera

    •   USB Microphone

  • Running for Individual and Club Trophies

Prizes are subject to change.

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