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Are you...
  • thinking about joining a Toastmasters Club?
  • a new member of a Toastmasters Club?
  • an experienced Toastmaster whose ready to grow?
Learning Lab is the solution for YOU!
Join us at an upcoming Learning Lab to discover all the amazing benefits that comes with being a part of Toastmasters.   
Learning Labs are...
  • Held the 1st Sunday of every month from 
  • Comprised of three sessions at 1 hour each
  • Provided for free to existing members and the general public

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Member Experience

Club Experience

Leader Experience



Introduction to & Charting Pathways

How to Write a Fabulous Introduction

Conducting a Fun Open House

Completing Club Success Plans

Hosting a Zoom Meeting

Developing Leaders: Resolving Conflict - Pt 1

Journey to DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster)

How to be a Super Sponsor, Mentor, or Coach

Member Experience


What do you know about the organization you have joined? There is much beyond the club for you to learn.

This session is designed to provide assistance to members who want to experience a broader stroke of the Toastmasters organization, its purpose and mission at multiple levels, and how to navigate it to make the most of their journey.

Introduction to & Charting Pathways​

Welcome to Toastmasters International learning experience called Pathways. This is an exciting, flexible, and interactive way to develop your leadership and communication skills. Having a problem?  Need some assistance? Want to know what this program is all about?


This session is designed for YOU! Come and learn. This session is designed for all Pathways users..if you are “stuck” and need a little guidance....come and get

How to Write a
Fabulous Introduction​

Part of our responsibility as a speaker is to provide the Toastmaster or Emcee an introduction when we are speaking. There are other times when we are asked to introduce a speaker, and in both situations, you may find you don’t know what to say.


This session is designed for you to learn all the appropriate details in order for help you write a fabulous introduction which features you, or develop a fabulous introduction for someone else.

Club Experience

Conducting a Fun
Open House

Club Open Houses provide a great opportunity to engage the energy and creativity of your club in creating a memorable event. Do you want to help your club to conduct an Open House event that will impress your guests, recruit them as members, and create pride of an accomplishment in your members? Would you like the opportunity to network with fellow Toastmasters as you create your club’s Open House?


In this session you will learn about the planning and logistics for a successful Open House and receive some great ideas on
how to include the important ingredient—FUN!

Creating a Club
Success Plan

Every Toastmasters club needs a plan. Toastmasters International has designed a plan for clubs to use. A quality club environment is the single most important factor in a healthy club. The Distinguished Club Program monitors and measures a club’s achievements. The Club Success Plan is the ROAD MAP to club success and meeting members’ needs. Sometimes the Success Plan can be overwhelming to the executive team, but it doesn’t have to be.


This session is designed to help clubs work through the plan and develop a
strong road map for the club to follow.

Hosting a 
Zoom Meeting

Our virtual world continues to challenge us. Managing online meetings doesn’t have to be painful, especially with great technology like Zoom.


This session is designed to help solve those “problems” you may be having, and help to master the use of Zoom. It can be fun once you know what to do.

Leader Experience

Developing Leaders -

Resolving Conflict, Pt. 1

Conflict is a part of life. People will always have differences. It is how we handle those differences that can lead to either a positive or negative result. Part I session is designed to help members know and understand what is happening in the conflict, why it has occurred, and what to do about it.


Part 2, next month, will share the resolution process, how to apply it, and how to apply assertive language to help deescalate a conflict.

Journey to DTM

(Distinguished Toastmaster)

The journey to Distinguished Toastmaster (highest award) is an exciting and rewarding experience. If you are interested in taking this wonderful journey, this session is for you! It will help you plan, move through the steps, and enjoy receiving the highest award in the organization.


Some people choose to take this journey more than once…you can receive as many DTM’s as you want to earn. Here is an opportunity to be guided and mentored through the process with an experienced DTM.

How to be a Super Club Sponsor, Mentor, Coach

Do you want to try your hand at leading? Would you like a chance to apply your leadership skills in a new situation? How about the opportunity to help a new club get a great start, or help an existing club to achieve excellence? Are you an experienced Toastmaster who would like to give back what you’ve gained? You can put your energy, creativity, or experience to work and obtain credit towards a DTM award.


We need super sponsors, mentors, and coaches for our clubs. Now is a great time to pay it forward with your experience or gain new skills and knowledge while helping our members and clubs thrive and grow.


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