District 100 Virtual Learning Lab


Are you...
  • thinking about joining a Toastmasters Club?
  • a new member of a Toastmasters Club?
  • an experienced Toastmaster whose ready to grow?
Learning Lab is the solution for YOU!
Join us at an upcoming Learning Lab to discover all the amazing benefits that comes with being a part of Toastmasters.   
Learning Labs are...
  • Held the 1st Sunday of every month 
  • Comprised of three sessions at 1 hour each
  • Provided for free to existing members and the general public

10:00 AM

11:00 AM

11:00 AM
12:00 PM

Member Experience

Club Experience

Leader Experience

Toastmasters 360 -
How to Make the Most of Your Journey

Creating a Fabulous Speaker's Introduction

Conducting a Fun
Open House

Manage Your Club effectively using Free Toast Host

Journey to DTM

How to be a Super new Sponsor/Mentor

Member Experience

Toastmasters 360:

How to Make the Most of Your Journey


What do you know about the organization you have joined?  There is much beyond the club for you to learn.  This session is designed to provide assistance to members who want to experience a broader stroke of the Toastmasters organization, its purpose and mission at multiple levels, and how to navigate it to make the most of their journey.


  • To become familiar with Toastmasters Core Values/Toastmasters Promise

  • To understand the club and its purpose, and how it fits with the district mission

  • To learn Toastmasters International hierarchy and the organizational structure

  • How Toastmasters creates value from the Distinguished Club

Creating a Fabulous Speaker’s Introduction



Part of our responsibility as a speaker is to provide the Toastmaster or Emcee an introduction when we are speaking. There are other times when we are asked to introduce a speaker, and in both situations, you may find you don’t know what to say.  This session is designed for you to learn all the appropriate details to help you write a fabulous introduction which features you or develop a fabulous introduction for someone else.


  • Why an introduction is important and what it can do for a speaker

  • Learn the four parts of a fabulous introduction

  • Participants will create a short introduction for themselves or another

Club Experience

Conducting a Fun

Open House

Club Open Houses provide a great opportunity to engage the energy and creativity of your club in creating a memorable event.  Do you want to help your club to conduct an Open House event that will impress your guests, recruit them as members, and create pride of an accomplishment in your members?  Would you like the opportunity to network with fellow Toastmasters as you create your club’s Open House?  In this session you will learn about the planning and logistics for a successful Open House and receive some great ideas on how to include the important ingredient—FUN!



  • Discuss the different types of club

  • Why it is important to hold a club Open House.

  • Learn the planning and logistic elements of a successful Open House

  • Learn how to harness the most important resource in creating your Club’s Open House—your members

  • Get valuable tips on promoting your Open House

  • Learn techniques for recruiting your Open House guests as members

Manage Your Club Effectively Using FreeToastHost

Learn how to better improve your club’s engagement with your members and guests while saving time and maximizing effective use of your club’s resources.  With FreeToastHost (FTH), a free web content & customer relationship management system, you can organize meeting agenda effortlessly with templates, personalize promotions of various initiatives, and efficiently report your club’s progress.  Want to simplify meeting role sign-ups with less emails, centralize access to educational resources for tracking achievement of goals, and more?  Join us to learn this and more with FTH.  Join us to learn why over 10,000 Toastmasters clubs rely on FTH and learn how it can benefit your club.


  • Officers:  Request and configure your club’s FTH site for maximizing effective use of your members’ time

  • Members:  Sign-up for roles with automatic progress reports, spreadsheets, less emails, and more

  • Guests:  Learn how Toastmasters helps advance your career with industry best practices for leadership, communication, and more!

  • VP Education:  Create your FTH agenda template to help members sign-up for roles with progress reports generated automatically

  • VP Membership:  Explore how FTH can help you convert guests to members and retain members

  • VP Public Relations:  Advertise your club and integrate social media with FTH to attract prospects

  • Treasurer:  Personalize reminder mass-emails for renewing memberships with electronic payment methods

Leader Experience

Journey to DTM

The journey to Distinguished Toastmaster (highest award)  is an exciting and rewarding experience.  If you are interested in taking this wonderful journey, this session is for you!  It will help you plan, move through the steps, and enjoy receiving the highest award in the organization. Some people choose to take this journey more than once…you can receive as many DTM’s as you want to earn.  Here is an opportunity to be guided and mentored through the process with an experienced DTM.


  • Develop a general understanding of conflict

  • Types of conflict

  • Learn the formula of engaging or not in the conflict

  • Conflict resolution steps

  • Use of assertive language in reducing conflict

How to be a Super new Club Sponsor/Mentor

You want to try your hand in leading?  You need to serve in one of the roles for credit towards a DTM award?  You want to experience helping others?  You want to give back what you have gained?  This session is designed for these purposes.  We need super club sponsors and mentors for our new clubs.  This is a good time to throw your hat in the ring and try. It is a fun way of developing leadership skills.  This session is for you.



  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of a new club sponsor and mentors

  • Determine what opportunities that are available for each position

  • Possibly be assigned to a new club with the appropriate designation

  • If having filled a position, receive credit for serving