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Welcome to D100 Affinity 2023

We want to encourage you to visit other groups, to get good ideas and share good ideas.

By participating in the Affinity Contest, you can earn points by visiting other groups and take on rolls.


1 point for each of the following:

1) Visited a club that you are not a member of.

2) Participated in any assigned meeting role (Table Topics participant does not count) during your visit.

3) Brought a guest to come with you.  The guest can be a D100 member and they can get credit too!

4) Guest is not a current Toastmaster.


2 points for each of the following:

1) Joining your visited club as a member.

2) Having your guest join that club as a member.

Affinity – Scoreboard

  • Leaderboard displayed on

  • Excel Spreadsheet for points tracking

  • Refreshed weekly


  • 4 points - Affinity Four:  Affinity Zoom background

  • 10 points - Affinity X: Zoom cards

  • 20 points - Affinity Connected:  Club Banner Ribbon

  • 35 points - Affinity Together:  Affinity Pin

  • 55 points - Affinity Star:  Be in the running for a prize:

  -> Circular light

  -> Camera

  -> Microphone

  • 80 points+ - Affinity and BeyondV. Free Entry to our Spring Conference

  • Running for Trophies (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Enter your participation here:

Affinity 2023.png

D100 Club Check Up

How is your club doing?  These are our moments of truth when we take inventory of our club and determine where we are succeeding and where we need more help.

There are six assessment forms. You can do one each week or all six at a time, or somewhere in between.


Each link will bring you to the online form for you to fill out.

Please take a minute, shouldn't take much longer to fill out one form, so we can determine wher ewe need to focus to build our District. 


Thank you.

Want Your Event Listed?

Tell us about the success of your Club Event!

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