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Area Directors

District 100 Leaders 2021-22

Division A - Arroyo Seco

Jeanna Tang.png

Jeanna Tang

Area A1 Director

David Duplechin.jfif

David Duplechin

Area A2 Director


Balu Ilangovan

Area A3 Director

Krista Lake.jpeg

Krista Lake

Area A4 Director

Division G - Gateway

Kim Lee.jpeg

Kim Lee

Area G1 Director

Simon Shen.jpeg

Simon Shen

Area G2 Director

Lorie Fager.jpeg

Lorie Fager

Area G3 Director


Sharif Ahmed

Area G4 Director

Division L - Los Coyotes

Gordon Witt.jpeg

Gordon Witt

Area L1 Director

Anas Elhadidy.png

Anas Elhadidy

Area L2 Director


Rebekah Atkinson

Area L3 Director

SLR Camera



Division P - Portola

Marty Shepard.jpeg

Marty Shepard

Area P1 Director

Michelle Mehta.jpg

Michelle Mehta

Area P2 Director

SLR Camera

Erica Avila

Area P3 Director

Manali Shah.jpeg

Manali Shah

Area P4 Director

Division R - Rose

Hector Mascoro.jpeg

Hector Mascorro

Area R1 Director

Roberta Perry.jpg

Roberta Perry

Area R2 Director

William Wojciak.jfif

William Wojciak

Area R3 Director

Shana Brewer.jfif

Shana Brewer

Area R4 Director

Division S - San Gabriel Mountains


Jack Mercica

Area S1 Director

Cliff Chang.jpeg

Cliff Chang

Area S2 Director

SLR Camera

Jeff Lee

Area S3 Director

SLR Camera

Heather Osborne

Area S4 Director

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