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District Director
Darren Ng, DTM

Are you looking forward to in-person meetings? Are you excited to get together as a District more? I am! My name is Darren Ng and during the 2021-2022 Toastmaster year, I’ve been your District 100 Program Quality Director. My team and I have been working hard with other leaders such as yourself to ensure that District 100 members and clubs thrive despite our challenging environment. Over 250 of you joined us at District 100’s first ever Toastmaster Leadership Institute (TLI) to learn and get trained. Learning Lab, held the 1st Sunday of every month, has offered you over 50 courses in how to become a better speaker and leader.

Specialty workshops such as Speechcraft, Facebook, and Canva to name a few, enhanced your Public Relation and membership building toolkit.

Like other Districts, not everything is rosy in District 100. Yes, membership is down. Yes, people are tired of virtual meetings. Yes, we can improve the Toastmaster experience. I hear you! I’ve also experienced the highs and lows that the last few years has brought. If elected as your District Director, one of my main goals is to re-establish the personal connection that we all crave. To help our clubs that want to, move to a hybrid and/or in-person meeting in accordance with local guidelines. To help grow our membership by reigniting the excitement around Toastmasters. Let’s celebrate more! Let’s find the opportunity to connect with one another often! Let’s make it happen!

However, none of this is possible without your support. I humbly ask for your vote – Darren Ng for District 100 Director. In addition, your District needs you in whatever capacity you can offer. Please volunteer in leadership when the opportunity arises as we learn the best together.

Program Quality Director
Alicia Curtis, DTM

G'day to all of our wonderful Members in District 100!

It is my honor to be the nominated candidate for Program Quality Director.


I joined Toastmasters in 2010, and have served as Public Relations Manager (D100), Administration Manager (D70), Division Director twice (D70 & D90) and Area Director five times (D70 & D90).  At a Club level, I have served at all Club Officer positions including this year as VPPR at my home Club in D100, The Standard Bearers. 

As your Program Quality Director nominated-candidate, my goals are to help serve our members by providing better opportunities within Pathways and increase the conversion rate, better training initiatives from Club level and up, and provide onboarding to our new members.


It will be my honor to serve you, our members in 2022-2023, where I hope that we can all go to Infinity & Beyond!

Club Growth Director
Rosario Delfin, LD5, EC5, PM3

Club Membership has been greatly impacted by the pandemic.  We need a servant leader who is dedicated and focused in not only building new Clubs but also in regaining the momentum back to help existing clubs become distinguished or better.


I am confident that I can help D100 attain these goals if elected as your Club Growth Director for 2022-23.

Jeanna Tang, PM2
Division A Director

My name is Jeanna Tang. I have been an Education Specialist for almost 20 years and it is my honor to be a nominated candidate for Division Director.

I joined Toastmasters in September 2020 and I currently serve as Area A1 Director, VPPR of San Gabriel Valley Wine and Dine, and a member of Rockstar Speakers, Virtual Masters, and Social Media Toastmaster clubs. I also served as the Registration Chair for this year’s Toastmasters Learning Institute (TLI) and Zoom master for Division A Speech Contests.

Our rise from the pandemic calls for reestablishing our relationships with our members. There is an urgency to make face-to-face connections that will increase the emotional relationship and will help build loyalty. Body language, eye contact and tone of voice are immensely important in establishing relationships and this is lost when you are only communicating through Zoom boxes and emails. As a  Division servant leader, I will assist Area Directors grow in their

leadership roles by engaging their club leaders and members to meet their personal and club goals.

Together let us propeI District 100 in a trajectory that allows pursuit of our mission “We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.”

Sona Baghdassarian, PI5, PM1
Division R Director

Fellow Toastmasters of District 100,


My passion for learning and helping others grow is what led me to Toastmasters. I have thrived and truly enjoyed my journey through this process, and I am honored and humbled to have been nominated to run for Division Director. These past few years have been very challenging for us all. Some clubs have been zoomed out and are looking forward to face-to-face meetings, while others are booming because of the virtual option. Making sure that clubs at the individual level have the support that they need will be a top priority for me.

My past is full of amazing experiences of working alongside my community. I have served as a volunteer leader with my local Scouting chapter for 20 years, a Special Education Advocate for 15 years, Director of a non-profit for 10 years, and have been a Realtor for over 30 years. With each of my experiences, I took on the responsibility of ensuring that the organizations I was a part of were successful in achieving their missions and fulfilling the goals set before them - a core responsibility of the Division Director.


I have also been an active member of our District since 2017. My credentials include: President July/2021-June/2022, Area Director July/2020-June/2021, VP membership July/2019-June/2020, Secretary January/2019-June/2019, VP Public Relations July/2018-Aug/2018


I look forward to the opportunity of working with club leaders in ensuring that they have what they need to support their members’  success. Thank you for your consideration and your vote.